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A Pentecost of Finches: New & Selected Poems

"Nothing is unseen or untouched here," the poet Robert Lowell wrote of Robert Siegel’s poetry, and it is equally true of these new and selected poems. Moving up the chain of being from inchworm to angel, these poems celebrate being in all its aspects, from unsettling glimpses of the abyss to union with nature and that which transcends it.

The Waters Under the Earth

"The hunt, after all, is also a quest, and the quest for transcendent wisdom is the essence of myth. Siegel’s quests have a contemporary slant, since they usually occur in the realm of the familiar: a farmer feeding his pigs, a boy dreaming of fireworks, a blackbird caught in a chimney, a son remembering his father’s home movies—such bits of reality may not be the stuff of myth, except in the hands of a gifted and inspired poet."
The Sewanee Review


The first book of the Whalesong trilogy, which includes White Whale and The Ice at the End of the World. “It is almost as if Moby Dick were scaled down and rewritten from the viewpoint of the whale.”
Fantasy Review